Monday, April 27, 2015

Sorry for the disappearance

Wow, life happened.  Sadly I overwhelmed myself and something gave while I focused on getting better and working on Messenger's pages.  I'm back, but I'm not going to make any promises on when I'll update here.  If anyone is interested in seeing maybe pencils and inks of Messenger's pages, I can post some of those.  I don't put finished pages up here because I notice from my school pages, the word balloons are often really hard to see.  They show up best on the webcomic's site:  (which updates every Monday).

So status since the past update here; Chapter 1 returned as planned and finished up, and Chapter 2 is running smoothly.  I'm doing better with my health than I was about a year ago--I'm not where I want to be, but something is better than nothing.  I tabled at this past SC ComiCon in Greenville SC back in March; and I also will be returning to SpartanCon this year on May 9, in Spartanburg SC.  I really enjoyed it last year, and am glad to be going back.

But enough of my boring talking, please enjoy some art.  I managed two small print illustrations not featuring Messenger characters *gasp!*  This is what I did when I took a short actual break between Chapters 1 and 2.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Messenger is set to return! Also, there be other updates!

So, the date I plan to begin regular page updates again is Monday August 4, 2014.  I know, its still a number of months away, but by then I should have a comfortable buffer built up, and feel confident in Chapter 1 running and ending smoothly.  While as far as my back and neck are concerned, they've been doing much better, and I don't tend to have as many problems.  My arm/tendonitis has sadly been a different story.  I have been able to work on pages again, but they're coming along slowly, and some days are better or worse than others.  I've also been trying other things to get it to get better, and get it to not cause me so much pain.

So with all that said, I am still open to any suggestions anyone has that they would like to see.  Are you interested in how I handle writing, story plotting, thumbnailing, penciling, inking, coloring, lettering, etc?    Don't feel shy to ask me.  I have some ideas to help continue to fill the Monday gaps until August, but I want to be sure it is things that you guys are curious about or would like to see.  All these updates and art can be seen on Messenger's site: .

In other news I'll be holding my first artist alley table at SpartanCon in Spartanburg, SC on Saturday May 10th.  If you are going, feel free to stop by and say hi.  This is up on the conventions tab at the top.  I'll update the tab as I solidify any conventions I'll be attending.

Also, my commissions have been closed for a while, but I plan to reopen them around the end of May.  Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Now trying something else

It's been while since I've done ink washing.  I'm trying to get away from some of my more solid perfectionism, and try to get some flow and life into my drawing by relaxing.  Did this with only general shapes and composition laid out in pencil (I normally plan every tree limb in advance).  It was most certainly and interesting and fun undertaking.

For anyone waiting for Messenger to return, I should have a date planned and announced by either April or May.